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Manuka Honey Healing Uses

How to Use Manuka Honey for Acne, Burns, and Wounds

Isn’t it amazing how so many things lying around your kitchen can be used in so many things, like treating wounds and burns? That’s right, and one of those home remedies is honey. Honey isn’t just for toast or glazed ham or adding a bit of sweetness to a meal. It can also help boost the healing process so that infected wounds can heal properly.

Burn wounds, pressure ulcers, bacterial infections, even acne can be healed by honey. It is one of the daily household products you can use if you don’t have the supplies to treat a wound. The question is how do you use honey, more specifically PURITI Manuka honey, to heal wounds? You will find that in this article. But first, let’s find out what Manuka honey is and how is it different from other kinds of honey.

What is Manuka Honey?

Although it’s said that honey can help heal wounds, you can’t go around and just use any regular store-bought honey. Instead, use Manuka honey, which is not only a healthy substitute to regular-bought honey. Additionally, this honey has plenty of therapeutic benefits. Moreover, the U.S. Federal Drug Administration also approved it as a recommended wound treatment in 2007.

How Does Manuka Honey Help Heal Wounds?

Manuka honey has terrific antiseptic features. One example of these is the capability of releasing hydrogen peroxide, which helps to eradicate bacterial activity. Manuka honey is made from the pollen of Manuka bush, which is then created to make honey. This honey is capable of treating all kinds of wounds, including skin rashes, burns, boils, acne, and more.

How to Use Manuka Honey to Treat Your Wounds

It’s easy to use Manuka honey to help your wounds to heal. It’s better than regular honey to use for wound care. This is because regular honey has high-fructose corn syrup, which can help the spread of infection instead of helping prevent it. When planning to use Manuka to treat your acne, burn, or any wound, you just need to spread some of the honey over the affected area.

Don’t rub it as that won’t do the trick. Estimate the measure of the wound’s extent and then make sure to use only the amount of honey required. After applying the honey to the infected area, just spread it over evenly. You can even rub the honey all over a dressing before wrapping it around the affected area.

The method described above is a little messy, but there’s a better way to do just that. You can, instead, buy some pre-packaged wound dressings with Manuka honey already inside. It’s best to smear more honey over the wound before applying the bandage for deeper injuries. This way, you can ensure the honey can properly do its work in boosting the healing of your wound.

Plenty of studies have been observed about the healing properties of Manuka honey. It has been discovered to help improve the healing of burn scars effectively. After numerous clinical trials, doctors proved that it helped in healing wounds quicker than usual. Who would have thought you could have such fantastic wound treatment lying around in your kitchen?

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