PURITI and Cali Press Team Up to Launch Game-changing Partnership

PURITI has announced an exciting new collaboration for winter 2019 with inner-city health haven Cali Press renowned for their superb smoothies and wholefood bowls. This exclusive partnership will bring the best immune boosting PURITI Mānuka honey hot elixir to the people of Auckland and PURITI’s full range of superior Mānuka honey products to all New Zealand Cali Press stores.  

Founded in 2017, Cali Press has bought their “Culture of Health” to Auckland’s shores from Sydney and pays homage to California’s fun and natural way of clean living. Cali Press has created a community of health-nuts through its cafes in Auckland City and Parnell.

Now, through the partnership, that’s a first for both brands, foodies and fitness fanatics can take their health to the next level starting their day with the new hot elixir, or choose from a pack of lozenges, a single serve snap pack or take home a jar of Mānuka honey in UMF grades 5+ to 22+.  

As part of the partnership, PURITI’s International Brand Manager Adam Boot and Creative Director Chris Monaghan from Cali Press have aligned their like-minded values. With a combined passion and their extensive experience and knowledge of the local market, they’ve created an immune-boosting beverage that will go a long way in ensuring a healthy mind, body and soul.

The delicious hot elixir is based on a classic formula. A combination of honey, lemon and hot water, with the genuine nutritional benefits of New Zealand’s most superior Mānuka honey that measurably exceeds the Ministry for Primary Industry (MPI) Mānuka Honey Science Definition.

One of the most sought-after honey varieties out there, Mānuka is used in traditional medicine for its nutritional and natural healing properties. Global popularity and continued anecdotal feedback suggests Mānuka honey may aid digestion and can soothe inflammation and other ailments, making for a perfect addition to this elixir. The PURITI Mānuka Honey hot elixir will support and prepare your immune system, as well as boost your energy, help with inflammation and ease gut problems. It is also loaded with beneficial antioxidants, antiviral and antibacterial properties, which can make a difference in your daily life.

Lemon is also a well-known source of vitamins, and it also brings its own immune-boosting, antibacterial and pH balancing qualities to this remarkable hot elixir beverage.

This new PURITI Mānuka honey hot elixir is the perfect companion to a health-conscious winter season. In addition to that, the elixir has a very pleasant, sweet taste that contains a combination of glucose and fructose providing a more balanced energy release, which makes drinking it an enjoyable daily ritual.

Whether you want to restore your energy, or find some comfort from the cold season, PURITI and Cali Press havecreated a fantastic product for all to enjoy and have brought the best Mānuka honey range to a new audience.

Find out more about the full range of PURITI products available and do not miss out on the PURITI Mānuka honey hot elixir, which is now available at all Cali Press health cafes for $4.50 in Auckland City and Parnell.

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