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The Differences Between Raw Clover and Manuka Honey

Many types of honey have graced this planet, but only genuine Manuka honey spurs the kind of attention to make it the most sought after variation. While the characteristics of honey remain the same with each type, the benefits are vastly different. 

Although not without its following, raw clover honey is very popular among honey connoisseurs. Many will just live their lives thinking honey is honey, albeit tasting the same - the only difference, in their eyes, is the packaging. 

Here is a comparison between the characteristics and effects of both raw clover and pure Manuka honey in New Zealand. 

Raw Clover Honey

Raw honey refers to the non-processed or altered honey from a honeycomb. Regardless of the pollen used to produce it, untouched clover honey retains chunky impurities. Some consider these impurities to be unhygienic to ingest regularly. 

Conversely, the number of nutrients within clover honey far exceeds that of the filtered and purified honey - typically purchased at the local store. Buying raw honey is difficult, however, as supermarkets refrain from stocking any such item. Thus, to acquire, one must travel to the countryside where beekeepers are based practising apiculture. 

Benefits of Raw Clover Honey: 

  • Directly from the natural source
  • Not confined to one type of honey
  • Easily produced
  • No added sugar or preservatives 

Drawbacks of Raw Clover Honey: 

  • Impurities present, e.g. wax and pollen
  • Harsh texture
  • Visibly unappealing
  • Traces of yeast present

Manuka Honey

Manuka honey in NZ is a very sought after item linked to having many medicinal properties. Although based in NZ, Manuka honey benefits are widespread knowledge, and many worldwide are frequently trying to find out where to buy Manuka honey. 

Is the hype and excitement around this specific type of honey justified? 

Manuka honey is most commonly hailed for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The UMF of Manuka honey, or Unique Manuka Factor, is a grading scale to determine the level of the anti-bacterial agent leptosperin. The higher the UMF rating, the stronger the antibacterial agent. The MGO level or methylglyoxal gauges the extent of anti-bacterial properties. 

Many will search high and low for the best Manuka honey brand in New Zealand. However, it’s not necessarily the brand but the honey quality that matters. The best quality Manuka honey is going to depend on the apiaries.

At Midlands Apiaries, the birthplace of PURITI Manuka honey, stringent protocols are followed during the preparation phase. As a result, not only is the honey meeting the minimum standard of quality, but they set a premium example for other Manuka honey brands to follow. 

Manuka Honey is Widely Used For:

  • Treating injuries
  • Healing properties
  • Skincare
  • Cold recovery
  • General health
  • Hair therapy 
  • Generating body heat
  • Beauty care products

Drawbacks of Raw Manuka Honey

  • Scarcity 
  • High price point 

The Comparison

The preference for raw clover or Manuka honey will come down to what benefits a person is seeking taste preference and budget. Manuka honey is well known for its nutritional benefits and is the most scientifically researched honey. 

Although many honey’s enjoy health and nutritional benefits, high-quality Manuka honey surpasses these tenfold. This is due to the Manuka plant the honey is sourced from which has been used topically to treat wounds for hundreds of years.  

PURITI honey is completely raw and only blended to improve consistency to elevate the nutritional levels and retain the antibacterial properties. Raw clover honey, however, is an accessible alternative. 

Due to the demand and scarcity of the product, Manuka honey is known as a high-quality, luxury item. High demand from skincare and hair care industries create added pressure on the Manuka honey industry. However, it has also become more attainable. You can purchase this coveted honey online or in stores with ease. 

Where to buy Manuka honey?

It is important to purchase authentic Manuka honey from a brand you trust. Here at PURITI, we are built on integrity and take conscious steps to demystify the honey industry. All our jars of honey are fully UMF certified and clearly showcase both UMF and MGO labels on the jar. 

Buy our Manuka honey online or in PURITI selected stores.

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