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PURITI Is Positively Pure

March 31, 2022 2 min read

PURITI Is Positively Pure - PURITI

PURITI’s mission has always been to take authenticity, quality and purity to the next level. We set a standard that makes our brand unbeatable. This strict level of quality has led to our success in both the domestic and international markets. 

As our International Brand Manager, Adam Boot puts it - “We were not happy with thestatus quo. PURITI simply had to be the best Mānuka honey ever produced.”

Once the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) introduced the legislative definition of Mānuka honey, PURITI took advantage of the opportunity to be a level above all other brands. All of our honey meets and exceeds the strict requirements as set forth by the New Zealand Government. 

With the MPI Mānuka Honey Science Definition now being the strongest international test, we can set the standard on the world stage. 

“We took the chemical marker pass marks and increased them by 10 to 100% for each,” says Boot. 

All of PURITI’s testing is labelled on each product, making it a legal commitment that we follow the MPI regulations. New Zealand customers should also be entitled to the same levels of quality as export markets around the world. 

Getting our foot in the door of the international market has been challenging but incredibly rewarding. Success on the global stage requires strong marketing and a comprehensive brand strategy, otherwise, you’re just another label. The PURITI ethos, philosophy, direction and experience is very unique and we stick to this with every single one of our products. 

Our jars are also packaged for uniqueness to avoid any issues with counterfeit honey. By over-engineering the jars, we have really gone above and beyond with the design as we know the more complex it is, the harder it is to replicate. This will assist in deterring fake honey producers from trying to steal the packaging.  

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