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  • What does Manuka honey taste like?

    August 19, 2019 3 min read

    What does Manuka honey taste like? - PURITI

    Manuka is a unique product in and of itself. It has garnered itself a bit of a cult following internationally thanks to the many health benefits and other unique properties it provides. 

    Other than the useful benefits of Manuka Honey, it is quite distinctly different in other ways. Its  taste, texture and colour differ quite a bit from other types of honey and these unique profiles have allowed the  Manuka industry to grow into what it is today.

    Manuka honey taste, texture, colour and aroma:


    Some would say the flavour profile of Manuka is the best part of it. It’s certainly a big reason why we love it!  Genuine Manuka Honey has a nice medium sweetness to it, that isn’t too intense, coupled with some delightful nutty nodes and a very subtle and welcome bitter aftertaste. All of these flavours take turns dancing on your taste buds before combining to give Manuka that truly distinct flavour that just can’t be replicated. Some have attempted to recreate the flavour, but the resulting honey tends to be far too sweet and off-puttingly bitter. Best to stick to the real thing, we say!

    The  health properties of Manuka Honey combined with the unique taste have made it a popular remedy for colds and flu. It is commonly mixed in with lemon, ginger and hot water to create a delicious drink that soothes sore throats and settles the stomach. Try it next time you’re feeling a bit under the weather!


    For many people, a food’s texture is a huge part of the eating experience. You may love the taste, smell and look of something, but if it doesn’t feel right in your mouth, the whole experience can be ruined. This is also another reason why people have fallen in love with Manuka Honey! The texture seems to complement the delicious flavour perfectly. Straight out of the jar it has a thick and viscous gel-like consistency. When warmed, it will melt down slightly to a more velvety and smooth texture that spreads perfectly over the tastebuds, allowing you to experience all of the naturally occurring flavours. 

    Next time you’re having some  Manuka Honey, make sure the consistency is viscous and gel-like. If it is overly firm or too runny straight out of the jar, it may not be as genuine as you think! 


    The colour of Manuka Honey really doesn’t differ all that much compared to other popular honey types. The difference actually lies in the clarity of it. Most types of honey will have an amber/brown colouring, as does Manuka. But the other popular ones tend to be much clearer and more transparent, while Manuka is rather opaque. The colour of Manuka is largely dependent on which region it was harvested from, the climate, the floral source and the production process. There will also be differences based on the  UMF rating. A  Manuka Honey UMF 5+ maybe a light amber colour, while a  22+ UMF Manuka Honey might be darker and more brown. 

    Thankfully all  PURITI Honey jars are clear, so you know exactly what colour your Pure New Zealand Manuka Honey will be!


    Another important aspect of good food is the smell. Our sense of smell and taste is closely linked, so when something smells good it usually tastes good and Manuka is no exception. Take one whiff of some delicious PURITI Pure Manuka Honey and you’ll get a very natural smell. A slightly nutty aroma with distinct earthy and herbal tones will get your mouth watering and tastebuds ready for what to expect! 

    Where can you  buy Manuka Honey online in New Zealand? From  PURITI’s online store of course! Alternatively, you can check out our products online and then purchase from one of our many New Zealand stockists.  Click here to check for a Stockist near you!

    Reap all of the high-quality Manuka Honey benefits. PURITI - the best Manuka Honey brand in New Zealand, providing delicious and pure Manuka Honey New Zealand-wide.

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