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  • What's So Unique About PURITI's Mānuka Honey Packaging?

    July 28, 2023 5 min read

    What's So Unique About PURITI's Mānuka Honey Packaging? - PURITI

    Who doesn’t love the creamy texture and earthy taste of100% pure New Zealand Mānuka honey? At PURITI, we take pride not only in offering premium monofloral Mānuka honey but also in presenting it in packaging that perfectly embodies our commitment to quality. We firmly believe that our customers deserve nothing less than a jar that exudes luxury, just like the UMF™-certified Mānuka honey we provide.

    Discover the artistry behind our unique packaging as we take you on a journey through the meticulous process of meeting our customers' luxurious expectations. Employing cutting-edge technology andincorporating anti-counterfeit measures at every step, we are dedicated to ensuring that you can identify and relish our genuine Mānuka honey. This blog will unravel the secrets behind the finesse of our packaging, ensuring you may relish the authenticity and pure goodness of our raw Mānuka honey. 

     By the end of this blog, you’ll want a PURITI jar to try for yourself!

    PURITI’s Pure Mānuka Honey

    What Makes PURITI Mānuka Honey So Special? 

    Our premium honey story kicked off in 2018, and boy, have we been a buzz within the Mānuka honey community. As a proud arm ofMidlands Apiaries, a Mānuka honey-producing powerhouse with almost a century of history, we know a thing or two about crafting the most exceptional honey around.

    Now, let's get one thing straight – we're all about being 100% New Zealand-made and owned. No shortcuts, no compromises. When it comes to our monofloral Mānuka honey, we're as local as it gets. And as for our quality? That’s where we stand out. We harvest and produce our honey in a sustainable way that is reflective of the clean, green reputation of New Zealand, ensuring top-notch quality that'll leave your taste buds dancing with delight!

    We don't settle for mediocre; that's just not our style. At PURITI, we've set our own bar for quality and certification, going above and beyond the government's minimum requirements. We also voluntarily test our products to ensure that they are glyphosate residue and herbicide-free. 

    At PURITI, our team is like a hive of enthusiastic bees, working tirelessly to deliver world-leading quality and excellence to every corner of the globe. From our top-notch production facilities to our state-of-the-art packaging facility, we're buzzing with excitement to serve you the best honey you've ever tasted!

    Why Does MGO Make Raw Mānuka Honey So Desired? 

    Back in 1981, a New Zealand biochemist named Peter Molan made a groundbreaking discovery in the Mānuka honey world. Driven by his fascination with Mānuka honey, Molan embarked on a series of experiments to discover more. Little did he know that his scientific journey would unravel the captivating tale ofmethylglyoxal (MGO), forever changing the way we view honey in the world. Great, he found MGO, so what? These three letters signify a very unique biochemical that has gained the attention of scientists across the world. 

    Within the natural health research sector, there is great speculation surrounding its potential antibacterial superpowers. Yet, we must tread with caution, as these exciting findings are still in theory and there is still a great amount of research needed to confirm. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the enigmatic realm of MGO and its magical possibilities. The adventure has only just begun!

    What sets us apart from others in the market is our unwavering dedication to maintaining a minimum concentration of methylglyoxal (MGO) for our UMF™ certification. What exactly does this mean? We go above and beyond the requirements of other leading brands and even exceed the UMF™ certification standard itself.

    What Are DHA and HMF in Monofloral Mānuka Honey? 

    DHA, or dihydroxyacetone, is one of the lesser-known bioactive compounds found in pure Mānuka honey. It holds unique significance as an integral part of the UMF™ certification process for authenticating genuine Mānuka honey. Most notably, DHA acts as the precursor chemical to methylglyoxal (MGO), which scientific studies suggest may possess antibacterial properties.

    On the other hand, HMF, or hydroxymethylfurfural, maybe a mouthful to pronounce, but it plays a crucial role in assessing the freshness of New Zealand's rarest honey. How does it accomplish this? Well, HMF is a compound sensitive to heat, making it an excellent indicator to detect any tampering with Mānuka honey. When Mānuka honey is subjected to heat, the levels of HMF increase, and this rise has been linked to potential toxicity.

    PURITI’s Anti-Counterfeit Packaging

    How Does PURITI Ensure a Genuine Product? 

    At PURITI, our priority is ensuring the exceptional quality of New Zealand monofloral Mānuka honey. We constantly push the boundaries, striving to redefine norms and elevate existing standards. Our firm commitment lies in combating counterfeit honey from ruining the industry. To achieve this, we have developed rigorous testing protocols that surpass government regulations, thus setting a new gold standard for uncompromising quality.

    Authenticity and distinctiveness are our core values with all PURITI products. Every jar of our UMF™ Mānuka honey originates from a single source and undergoes the protection ofmore than 11 distinct anti-counterfeit security measures. These stringent measures are put in place to guarantee the absolute integrity of each product.

    What do these measures include, you ask? 

    In crafting our Mānuka honey packaging, we incorporate premium materials and innovative design elements. The label paper boasts a soft-touch laminate, complemented by spot UV design features, along with stamped foil accents for metallic finishes. For added intrigue, the label incorporates designs infused with invisible ink, revealing themselves only under black light. As a distinctive touch, each honey jar undergoes laser etching, bearing a reference or word that is exclusive to every production batch.

    Our jars are a testament to the luxurious PURITI experience, assuring all of our customers that we make no concessions on quality. 

    How Else Can PURITI Maintain A Pure Product? 

    PURITI takes immense pride in its association with Midlands Apiaries, the parent company of our retail brand. Midlands Apiaries is the premium supplier of our high-quality Mānuka honey. 

    Midlands Apiaries has extensive experience in producing and supplying Mānuka honey, adapting to the constantly changing requirements. As a UMF™-certified provider, they offer a diverse range of monofloral strengths, ranging fromUMF™ 5+ toUMF™ 31+. While there are varying potencies, every jar undergoes strict testing to ensure 100% pure New Zealand Mānuka honey. 

    Customers from across the globe praise PURITI Mānuka honey for its delightful flavour and smooth texture. Our master creamers are dedicated artisans, crafting the smoothest honey you'll ever taste. Each batch of this liquid gold is meticulously crafted to meet not only your high standards but also our commitment to exceptional quality.

    PURITI Can Provide You With 100% Pure New Zealand Mānuka Honey

    At PURITI, we produce sensational, creamy and untouched UMF™-certified Mānuka honey that exceeds all requirements to guarantee purity and potency. EachMānuka honey product we sell exceeds the minimum leptosperin and MGO concentrations set by UMF™HA. As a result, consumers can buy from PURITI confidently, knowing that we are only selling 100% genuine New Zealand Mānuka honey.

    The unique UMF™ trademark is a Quality Mark certification that is internationally recognised. After rigorous independent testing and auditing conducted by independent accredited laboratories (IANZ- , this certification ensures that you’re buying the highest quality New Zealand Mānuka honey.

    Buy ourMānuka honey online for all your wellness needs.

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