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5 Great Benefits Of Pure Manuka Honey

Pure Manuka honey from New Zealand is a substance highly sought after and has a number of amazing uses. The benefits can span everywhere from oral to skin health. As a true superfood, genuine Manuka honey is used in several different methods to provide both nutritional benefits and amazing taste.

This article will go through five unique ways to use high-quality Manuka honey to help you in your everyday life.

1. Assisting in Wound Healing

Since the dawn of time, honey has been applied to wounds to accelerate the healing process. The topical antibacterial properties of NZ Manuka honey are simply much more potent. The MGO (methylglyoxal) levels within the honey act as an antibacterial agent that has been suggested to assist in sterilizing damaged areas on the skin.

Along with topical antibacterial properties, the leptosperin bioactive chemical within has also been proposed to be anti-inflammatory.

2. May Reduce Tooth Disease

 In addition to the above, Manuka honey benefits aren’t restricted to the skin. The oral benefits of this honey are also prevalent. Some studies imply that Manuka honey may be able to reduce the progression of gingivitis. However, many people will reach for Manuka honey when experiencing a sore throat or cough.

Not only can this honey be a delicious treatment, but the slow release of products like lozenges can give great relief to a dry or scratchy throat.

3. May Help Reduce Eczema-irritated Skin

The MGO within Manuka honey has antibacterial properties which can be used as a protective measure to decrease chances of infection in eczema-prone skin. Furthermore, there are supposed immune-boosting responses from the honey’s bioactive materials that may assist in the regeneration of skin cells when damaged from eczema.

4. Soothing a Sore Throat

As mentioned above, regardless of the cause, Manuka honey from NZ can have some fantastic relieving benefits with irritating tickles in the throat. The honey essences can have a fantastic lubricative effect in the throat and sinus passageways to allow for more comfortable breathing.

5. A Healthy Sweetener

PURITI Manuka honey prides itself on being pure and unprocessed. As a result, there are no added sugars with the best quality Manuka honey and, as such, makes for an excellent natural sweetener. 

As the perfect addition to any baking, salad or even just tea or coffee, you’ll no longer feel guilty about making your food or drink that little bit sweeter.

Why PURITI is the Best Manuka Honey Brand in New Zealand

 While all these benefits are worthy of Manuka honey brands across the board, PURITI separates itself from the rest as our quality is truly unmatched. Essentially, we go further than what is required regarding the concentrations of active ingredients within our products. The Manuka honey UMF rating is granted based on concentrations of leptosperin and MGO. At PURITI, we have minimum concentrations set to be higher than what is asked for by the government.

If you’re looking to buy Manuka honey online, the great selection of items at PURITI will be the perfect place to browse the best Manuka honey in NZ.

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