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  • How Can I Be Sure I'm Buying Real Mānuka Honey?

    December 16, 2022 4 min read

    How Can I Be Sure I'm Buying Real Mānuka Honey? - PURITI

    When spending money on anything, you want to ensure you’re purchasing a genuine product - pure Mānuka honey is no different. AtPURITI, we want to give all of our customers the reassurance that the jars they are buying are, in fact,100% pure New Zealand Mānuka honey. We make no concessions and ensure to go above and beyond the standard requirements for this drop of natural gold.  

    This blog will delve into the levels PURITI goes to when ensuring purity. We have several safeguards in place to ensure that a purchase of our monofloral Mānuka honey is genuine. After seeing the extent of our certifications and validation, you’ll make sure to come back to PURITI whenever you need to purchase pure Mānuka honey. 

    Is All Mānuka Honey The Same? 

    While there may be traces of Mānuka nectar in an extensive selection of random “Mānuka honey” jars, finding raw, pure and unadulterated Mānuka honey is not always easy. Not all Mānuka honey is made the same. While this may make you reluctant to search for nature’s finest, PURITI has made the task incredibly simple. 

    Our honey is sourced from some of the most remote locations across New Zealand - some of which are only accessible via helicopter. Our highly-skilled apiarists ensure that only honey which has been produced via the nectar of the native Mānuka flower is created. Honey that is primarily sourced from one variety of nectar is called “monofloral” Mānuka honey.

    For more information on monofloral Mānuka honey, please visit ‘What Is Mānuka Honey?’ 

    There are several brands that will market their honey as “multifloral”, which means the honey has been produced with the nectar of varying different flower species.   

    Is All PURITI Mānuka Honey MGO Rich? 

    While all PURITI Mānuka honey is monofloral and contains high concentrations of MGO, our products do have varying strengths. The baseline level of our Mānuka honey MGO is 83mg/kg. As per the guidelines of the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI), for Mānuka honey to be considered monofloral, the MGO must be 80mg/kg or greater. 

    PURITI Mānuka honey spans a wide range of MGO strengths. We begin our products at 83mg/kg, and the most prestigious, ultra-rare variety contains an MGO concentration of 1722mg/kg. There have been suggestions that MGO may contribute to unique antibacterial properties. These observations have been made in artificial environments within labs and thus require further studies to confirm the natural curing potential of pure Mānuka honey. 

    Why Does UMF Certification Matter? 

    In continuation to the above, MGO plays one of the most important roles in the gold standard of Mānuka honey. The Unique Mānuka Factor (UMF™) is internationally considered to be the most effective method of validating pure Mānuka honey. UMF™ takes into account four specific bioactive ingredients that are overwhelmingly found in Mānuka honey at these concentrations. The bioactive ingredients include: 

    1. Leptosperin

    Leptosperin determines the authenticity of Mānuka honey. A unique compound found solely within the nectar of the Mānuka flower, this biochemical is the DNA marker that validates genuine honey. As a compound that can only be created by nature, UMF™ uses leptosperin as one of the most important indicators when determining purity. 

    1. MGO

    MGO determines the potency of Mānuka honey. As briefly mentioned above, MGO comes in a variety of concentrations within PURITI Mānuka honey. It should be noted that MGO can be artificially inserted into honey, which is why you need all four factors to ensure a genuine Mānuka honey product. 

    1. Dihydroxyacetone (DHA)

    Dihydroxyacetone determines the shelf-life of Mānuka honey. This biochemical is the precursor to MGO and will gradually convert to MGO over time. The higher the concentration of DHA, the longer the life of the MGO will be maintained. Typically speaking, a DHA concentration of more than 70mg/kg is considered high quality.  

    1. Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF)

    Hydroxymethylfurfural determines the freshness of Mānuka honey. This heat-sensitive compound is an essential factor in determining the quality of Mānuka honey as it assures the customer that the honey hasn't been stored for too long or processed. HMF levels that are less than 40mg/kg are considered to be of a quality level.

    What Are PURITI’s Anti-Counterfeit Measures? 

    PURITI also includes 11 separate anti-counterfeit measures within our packaging - we provide absolute quality assurance to our customers. As a sacred product of New Zealand, we want to ensure customers receive the best level of quality that PURITI can offer.  

    Some of the measures include: 

    • Engraved branded NZ map on the jar
    • Proprietary lid 
    • Tamper-evidence tear/break strip
    • PURITI branded induction seal 
    • Strengthened seamless tamper seal
    • Black light invisible ink

    If you’re looking to buy high-quality, genuine New Zealand Mānuka honey online, the great selection of items at PURITI will be the perfect place to browse an extensive range of premium products.

    PURITI Can Provide You With 100% Pure New Zealand Mānuka Honey

    At PURITI, we provide sensational, creamy and untouched UMF™-certified Mānuka honey that exceeds all requirements to guarantee purity and potency. EachMānuka honey product that we sell exceeds the minimum required leptosperin and MGO concentrations set by UMF™HA. As a result, consumers can buy from PURITI confidently, knowing that we are only selling 100% genuine New Zealand Mānuka honey.

    Buy ourMānuka honey online for all your wellness needs.

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