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  • What Does MGO Stand For?

    September 27, 2022 3 min read

    What Does MGO Stand For? - PURITI

    You might be a Mānuka honey connoisseur, or this could be your first venture into New Zealand’s rarest honey. Either way, you may be asking yourself - what exactly is MGO? What does it stand for? Should I care? Look no further than this article which will have all of your MGO-related questions answered. 

    In this blog, we’ll weigh up the differences between the unique active chemicals within monofloral Mānuka honey (such as MGO) while also getting an understanding of the role MGO plays in ensuring you get the best quality Mānuka honey on the market. 


    What Does MGO Stand For?

    MGO stands for methylglyoxal. This very treasured component of Mānuka honey is partially responsible for helping New Zealand’s most sought-after honey reach its current worldwide reputation. While different strengths of Mānuka honey have varying concentrations of this particular bioactive chemical, there’s no denying that MGO brings a magic touch to this drop of liquid gold.  

    Methylglyoxal was initially discovered in 1981 by Kiwi biochemist, Dr Peter Molan. As part of his intensive research into Mānuka honey, Molan’s initial studies on monofloral Mānuka honey showed signs of potential antibacterial activity

    Read our blog, ‘What Is The Best Manuka Honey MGO Level For Me’, for more information.  

    Although, even to this day, there is still extensive research taking place to confirm these properties. Nevertheless, the excitement surrounding Mānuka honey is relentlessly buzzing. 


    Is MGO Good For You When Eaten Or Used On Skin?

    MGO has been speculated to be a very interesting ingredient that can be enjoyed via ingesting or applying topically to the skin. One of the benefits Mānuka honey can offer is a soothing sensation when you have a sore throat.

    Additionally, there have been growing trends within the cosmetic and skincare industry with pure Mānuka honey. There have been suggestions that MGO may work alongside the Mānuka honey to decrease the appearance of blemishes. Furthermore, there is a natural humectant property to honey that makes it an ideal moisturiser for skin.

    Read “Are There Skincare Benefits From Manuka Honey?” for more information. 

    Mānuka honey commonly used for cooking and baking as a splendid sweetener. There are several recipes on PURITI’s website that will expand your culinary knowledge to include the sweetness of New Zealand’s most luxurious honey.  


    How Is MGO Related To UMF™?

    You may have heard of the UMF™ certification. Widely considered to be the gold standard of Mānuka honey validation, UMF™ takes into account four very unique ingredients - one of which is MGO.  UMF™ is considered so highly due to its all-encompassing testing standards. UMF™ takes into account the following: 

    1. Authenticity - through leptosperin, the DNA marker for the Mānuka flower. 
    2. Potency - through methylglyoxal (MGO), the bioactive ingredient responsible for the uniqueness.
    3. Shelf-life - through dihydroxyacetone (DHA), the natural precursor to MGO.
    4. Freshness - through hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF), a heat-sensitive chemical to show no altering. 


    Should I Buy Mānuka Honey Based on MGO Levels or UMF™ Grades? 

    This is sometimes a hot-button issue with Mānuka honey fans across the world. Several people are content with just knowing the MGO concentration with the honey - which can range anywhere from 80 to 1800+mg/kg. With an enormously large spectrum of strengths, people who enjoy Mānuka honey for the taste will more often than not be fine with lower MGO concentrations. 

    Nevertheless, there is a reason why UMF™ is considered to be the peak of Mānuka honey grading. As MGO can technically be added artificially, UMF™ eliminates this possibility due to the requirement of DHA within the honey batch. As the naturally-occurring precursor of MGO, high concentrations of DHA can give confidence to buyers and ensure that you are purchasing the real deal. 

    For a more comprehensive discussion regarding UMF™, please read - ‘What Is The Highest UMF™ Level In The World’? 


    PURITI Can Provide You With 100% Pure New Zealand Mānuka Honey

    At PURITI, we provide sensational, creamy and untouched UMF™-certified Mānuka honey that exceeds all requirements to guarantee purity and potency. Each Mānuka honey product that we sell exceeds the minimum required leptosperin and MGO concentrations set by UMF™HA. As a result, consumers can buy from PURITI confidently, knowing that we are only selling 100% genuine New Zealand Mānuka honey.

    PURITI also includes 11 separate anti-counterfeit measures within our packaging - we provide absolute quality assurance to our customers. As a sacred product of New Zealand, we want to ensure customers receive the best level of quality that PURITI can offer.  

    If you’re looking to buy high-quality, genuine New Zealand Mānuka honey online, the great selection of items at PURITI will be the perfect place to browse an extensive range of premium products. 

    Buy our Mānuka honey online for all your wellness needs.

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